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  • Naa Ashiorkor Nortey

    Naa Ashiorkor Nortey

    Child of God ~ Aspiring versatile data scientist ~ phenomenal woman ~ woman in STEM ~ Learner ~ Visionary leader ~ Writer ~ Excellence ~ Joy

  • Credit Locus

    Credit Locus

    Credit Locus allows small business owners to borrow money online instead of going to banks.

  • Ivan N.

    Ivan N.

    When the machines take over, I will be on the winning side 🤖

  • Bhavani Ravi

    Bhavani Ravi

    🔸 Backend Systems & Devops🔸 Code — Speak — Write — Teach 🔸 Python — Chatbots — ML 🔸 WomenInTech 🔸

  • Diky Hadna

    Diky Hadna

    AI/ML & Frontend Developer | Available for remote projects · Check my complete profile at https://hadna.space

  • María Camila Lara Cuervo

    María Camila Lara Cuervo

  • Jeremy Chow

    Jeremy Chow

    Data Scientist passionate about using machine learning to impact business decisions and discover meaningful insights.

  • Terminalien


    Terminalien is all about learning, futuristic stuffs, artificial intelligence, skills, fun and people.

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